Landsat Thematic Mapper Images for the SGP97 Hydrology Experiment Region

As part of the land cover classification activities, Paul Doraiswamy of the USDA ARS Remote Sensing and Modelling Lab has analyzed several sets of Landsat TM scenes. Of the possible coverage dates, only one during the experiment (July 9) had low enough cloud cover to be useful. Even this image contains some significant cover (especially near the CF area). An image was acquired a week after the experiment on July 25 that is quite good. A subsampled image is shown here of three TM images that were concatenated. TM composite thumbnail

As an aid to others interested in land surface features, higher resolution images of the three primary study areas have been extracted. Note that these are GIF images and have been stretched for presentation purposes.
Central Facility
Central Facility thumbnail
El Reno
El Reno thumbnail
Little Washita
Little Washita thumbmail

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