Dr. Craig S. T. Daughtry

Research Agronomist

USDA-ARS Hydrology & Remote Sensing Lab
Bldg. 007, Rm. 104, BARC-West 
10300 Baltimore Ave
Beltsville, MD  20705-2350 USA 

Phone: 301-504-5015
Fax: 301-504-8931

Email: cdaughtry@hydrolab.arsusda.gov


Ph.D. Agronomy, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.
1974M. S. Agronomy, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia.
1972B. S. Agronomy, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia.

Professional Experience
1987 - present Research Agronomist, USDA-ARS Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory, Beltsville, MD
1976 - 1987 Research Agronomist, Agronomy Department and Laboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing (LARS), Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.

Research Interests
  • Research on the biological, physical, and spectral properties of plants and soils.
  • Research to assess crop residue cover and soil tillage intensity.
  • Research to measure and model the spatial variability of crops and soils at multiple scales.
  • Applications of appropriate remote sensing technology to inventory and monitor crop production at scales from individual fields to state and national levels.
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Selected Publications By Topic

1. Methods to measure crop residue cover and tillage intensity

Daughtry, C. S. T., McMurtrey III, J. E., Chappelle, E. W., Dulaney, W. P., Irons, J. R., and Satterwhite, M. B.  Potential for discriminating crop residues from soil by reflectance and fluorescence. Agronomy J. 87:165-171. 1995. (download PDF reprint, 2.1 Mb)

Daughtry, C. S. T.  Discriminating crop residues from soil by shortwave infrared reflectance. Agronomy Journal 93:125-131. 2001. (download PDF reprint, 211 Kb)

Tektran Daughtry, C. S. T., Hunt, E. R., Doraiswamy, P. C.  Assessing carbon dynamics in agriculture using remote sensing. International Symposium on Evaluation of Terrestrial Carbon Storage and Dynamics by In-situ and Remote Sensing Measurements, pp.28-35, CD-ROM. November 2002. (download PDF reprint, 302 Kb)

Daughtry, C. S. T., Hunt Jr., E. R., and McMurtrey III, J. E.  Assessing crop residue cover using shortwave infrared reflectance. Remote Sensing of Environment 90:126-134. 2004. (download PDF reprint, 348 Kb)

Daughtry, C. S. T., Hunt Jr., E. R., Doraiswamy, P. C., and McMurtrey III, J. E.   Remote sensing the spatial distribution of crop residues. Agronomy J. 97:864-871. 2005. 2001. (download PDF reprint, 35 Mb)

2. Spatial variability of crops and soils at multiple scales

Tektran Daughtry, C. S. T., Walthall, C. L., Kim, M. S., Brown de Colstoun, E., and McMurtrey, J. E.  Estimating corn leaf chlorophyll status from leaf and canopy reflectance. Remote Sensing of Environment. 74:229-239. 2000. (download PDF reprint, 503 Kb)

Tektran Daughtry, C. S. T., Gish, T. J., Dulaney, W. P. , Walthall, C. L., Kung, K.-J. S., McCarty, G. W., Angier, J. T., and Buss, P.  Surface and subsurface nitrate flow pathways on a watershed scale. In Optimizing Nitrogen Management in Food and Energy Production and Environmental Protection: Proc. 2nd Int. Nitrogen Conference on Science and Policy. TheScientificWorld 1:(S2), 155-162. 2001. (download PDF reprint, 913 Kb)

Gish T. J., Daughtry, C. S. T., Walthall, C. L. and Kung, K-J. S.   Quantifying impact of hydrology on corn grain yield using ground-penetrating radar. Subsurface Sensing Technologies and Applications Journal 2:493-496. 2004.

3. Crop growth, absorbed radiation and remotely sensed data

Daughtry, C. S. T., Gallo, K. P., Goward, S. N., Prince, S. D., and Kustas, W. P.   Spectral estimates of absorbed radiation and phytomass production in corn and soybean canopies. Remote Sensing Environment 39:141-152. 1992. (download PDF reprint, 980 Mb)

Daughtry, C. S. T., Gallo, K. P., and Bauer, M. E.   Spectral estimates of solar radiation intercepted by corn canopies. Agronomy J. 75:527-531. 1983. (download PDF reprint, 187 Kb)

Daughtry, C. S. T., Bauer, M. E., Crecelius, D. W., and Hixson, M.. M.   Effects of management practices on reflectance of spring wheat canopies. Agronomy J. 72:1055-1060. 1980. (download PDF reprint, 211 Kb)

Hinzman, L. D., Bauer, M. E., and Daughtry, C. S. T.   Effects of nitrogen fertilization on growth and reflectance characteristics of winter wheat. Remote Sensing Environment 19:47-61. 1986. (download PDF reprint, 764 Kb)

4. Spectral and agronomic sampling techniques

Daughtry, C. S. T., Vanderbilt, V. C., and Pollara, V. J.   Variability of reflectance measurements with sensor altitude and canopy type. Agronomy J. 74:744-751. 1982. (download PDF reprint, 252 Kb)

Daughtry, C. S. T.   Direct measurements of canopy structure. Remote Sensing Reviews 5:45-60. 1990. (download PDF reprint, 3.2 Mb)

5. Innovative methods to measure optical properties

Daughtry, C. S. T., Biehl, L. L., and Ranson, K. J.   A new technique to measure the spectral properties of conifer needles. Remote Sensing Environment 27:81-91. 1989. (download PDF reprint, 690 Kb)

Daughtry, C. S. T. and Biehl, L. L.   Changes in spectral properties of detached birch leaves. Remote Sensing Environment 17:281-289. 1985. (download PDF reprint, 504 Kb)

Grant, L., Daughtry, C. S. T., and Vanderbilt, V. C.   Polarized and specular reflectance variation with leaf surface features. Physiologia Plantarum 88:1-9. 1993. (download PDF reprint, 2.3 Mb)

Barnes, E. M., Sudduth, K. A., Hummel, J. W., Lesch, S. M., Corwin, D. L., Yang, C., Daughtry, C. S. T., and Bausch, W. C.   Remote- and ground-based sensor techniques to map soil properties. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 69:619-630. 2003. (download PDF reprint, 2 Mb)

6. Fluorescence of crops and soils

Daughtry, C. S. T., McMurtrey III, J. E., Kim, M. S., and Chappelle, E. W.   Estimating crop residue cover by blue fluorescence imaging. Remote Sensing Environment 60:14-21. 1997. (download PDF reprint, 639 Kb)

Corp, L. A., McMurtrey, J. E., Chappelle, E. W., Daughtry, C. S. T., and Kim, M. S.   UV band fluorescence (in vivo) and its implications for the remote assessment of nitrogen supply in vegetation. Remote Sensing Environment 61:110-117. 1997. (download PDF reprint, 689 Kb)

Corp, L. A., McMurtrey, J. E., Middleton, E. M., Mulchi, C. L., Chappelle, E. W., and Daughtry, C. S. T.   Fluorescence sensing systems: In vivo detection of biophysical variations in field corn due to nitrogen supply. Remote Sensing Environment 86:470-479. 2003. (download PDF reprint, 404 Kb)

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