07001    Watershed W-1       AUBURN, ALABAMA

LOCATION: Lee County, Ala.; about 1 ½ mi. W. of Auburn on Campus, Ala. Poly. Inst.; Tallapoosa River Basin.
Latitude: Longitude:

AREA: 27.0 ac.


DATES OF OPERATION: 04/01/51-12/31/73

MAPS: None Available

SHAPE: Roughly rectangular, about 630 ft. wide by 1,900 ft. long.

SLOPES: 82% is in 2-5% class; 18% is in 8-12% class. Aspect S - SE.

SOILS: Thin layer of Coastal Plain material over Piedmont material; topsoil - coarse (loamy sand) 0-42 in., average 26 in., highly permeable; subsoil - sandy clay, moderately permeable. Internal drainage rapid to moderate. Soil types - Lakeland loamy sand - 22%, Lakeland gravelly loamy sand - 23%, Bradley gravelly sandy loam, thick surface phase - 37%, Bradley gravelly sandy loam - 18%.

EROSION: 1 - 73%, 2 - 27%.

LAND CAPABILITY: II - 37%; III - 45%; IV - 18%.

SURFACE DRAINAGE: Good; natural watershed, terraced (approx. 2700 ft.) And drained into 1 ½ ac. fish pond through a single vegetated channel.

CHARACTER OF FLOW: Ephemeral, continuous.

INSTRUMENTATION: Runoff - continuous record of pond surface elevation and pond outflow; pond seepage - continuous record of outflow from a toe-drain tile; pond evaporation - floating pan; precipitation - standard and recording rain gage.

WATERSHED CONDITIONS: Land used for horticultural and vegetable crop experimental studies - 35% clean tilled; 55% pasture, orchard, and ornamental shrubs; and 10% of lower area around pond in native woods. Reference - “The Hydrology of a Small Area Near Auburn, Alabama” SCS-TP-85, September 1949.

GENERALLY REPRESENTS:   Areas of Coastal plain soils overlaying Piedmont soils in the transitional area between the Piedmont Plateau and the Middle and Upper Coastal plain.

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